Team Selection and Player Rotations

To assist you in planning your team each week, we’ve compiled a quick “how to” for team selection and player rotations.

We hope you find the advice useful!

  • You need to do the game day positions each week and keep a record of these.
  • There are four quarters and there is a straight changeover at the first and third quarters with a longer break at half time. Non-players should not go onto the court at quarter and 3 quarter time.
  • Most teams have 8 or 9 in a team, so there is no need to roster girls out.
  • U/11 players are to be rotated through each position on the court.  All coaches are to keep a record of this in their exercise book. Try to leave a player in one of their positions for at least 2 quarters during the game so they get a better feel for the position.
  • It may become necessary to demonstrate you have complied with the rotation policy so please ensure each week’s games are recorded in the exercise book we have provided and I suggest you keep a soft copy for ease of use (refer to the example I have provided).  Sometimes the players (and perhaps parents) need to be shown that there has been a fair rotation so the summary in the example was very useful.
  • U/13 teams are to be rotated for the first ½ of the season (until round 8).  Coaches may then place players through a range of their strongest positions.
  • Team members should play 3 quarters per game. They may play less if there is a disciplinary requirement or, of course, if injured.


Important SDNA rules – if you are short of players

  • There must be a minimum of 5 players for a team to take the court. If you have less than 5 players your team will need to forfeit the match and there is likely to be a fine.
  • If you are short players, you are able to borrow a player from another team at the same or lower grade or lower age level from your team. However there must be a minimum of four players from the original team
  • You cannot have a non-permanent player in the team if you have 7 players available unless there is an injury to a permanent player during the game.
  • Players may play up a maximum of three (3) games in a team.  If you use that player again, they need to permanently join your team so ensure you do not do so.  SDNA keeps a record of this on the boards in the foyer so you can easily check.
  • Players cannot play more than 2 games on the one day (in other words, a player can only play in their home team and play up once on the one day).


  • In finals, it is expected that all girls will play.  They have all contributed to the team’s success.  If there is a reason you may wish to schedule a player off for more than one quarter, you need to discuss and agree this well before finals with:
    • The coaching co-ordinator and/or the SSNC presidents; and
    • The team

It should not come as a surprise on finals day as it can be upsetting for the player(s) involved.