Team Manager Resources

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Team Manager this season.  We’ve compiled a quick “how to” to get you started.

10 Top Tips for being a Dynamic Team Manager


  1. Prepare a Team contact List and distribute this to the parents of players in your team.
  2. Make a parent duty roster for scoring and oranges throughout the season.
  3. When notified of the date by the Club BBQ Co-ordinator, please allocate a roster of parents to fulfill your team’s BBQ and canteen duty (usually only 1 Saturday per season).
  4. Send out a weekly email and/or text reminding parents of the forthcoming game time, court number and who is on scoring/oranges duty.
  5. Optional – organize a fun social get-together for your team early in the season to help them get to know each other better.  This is particularly beneficial for the younger age grades who are from different schools.
  6. Be the liaison person between parents and your team coach when a child is unable to attend training or game day; assist with finding substitute players if necessary.  Please note ** the club will be fined for a forfeit if the team cannot field a team on game day.  Significant notice must be given in this circumstance.  
  7. Be the liaison person to notify your team when inclement weather cancels games or training (the Club Facebook group will also notify cancellations).
  8. Support the coach by making sure your players are ready for play on time: nails cut, hair tied, bibs on.
  9. Take photos of the your team throughout the season to be used at our Club Presentation Day in September (please get permission first from opposing team if taking photos during matches).
  10. Organise a simple gathering for your team at the end of the season (e.g. bowling or pizza night).