SDNA Guidelines

SDNA has a number of regulations and guidelines to assist the smooth running of your team.  We have collated the general information below which you might find useful to refer to during the season.


The Saturday Autumn/Winter competition is governed by By-Laws that are accessible on the SDNA website  All Club/Team coaches and team managers are to ensure that they are up to date with their knowledge of these Bylaws.

SDNA – Thomas Street Courts, Hampton
Administration Office – 0450 669 455
Umpires Co-ordinator Lucy Benning – 0418 321 902

Additional Player Registration
  • ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE NETBALL VICTORIA MEMBERSHIP or PROOF of payment at another venue must be sighted, or payment made in full at administration before the player takes the court.
  • A single game voucher is also available for purchase at Administration. (Max 2 per player per season)

The following details are to be recorded on the back of the Score Sheet:

  • Team Name
  • Player Full Name (surname, given name)
  • Date of Birth
  • Full address, email address and phone no.
  • All Players must be in their correct registered uniform (all same colour and design) AT THE START OF THE SEASON. Players are not permitted to take the court unless they are in their registered uniform.
  • Tracksuits may not be worn during play.
  • Windcheaters & long sleeve tops are only permitted as per team’s registration.
  • Boy’s shorts shall have no buckles.
  • Long bike pants and board shorts are not permitted. Full briefs or short bike pants in dark colours are to be worn.
  • Nails must be cut short; NO TAPING ALLOWED.
  • Jewellery is not to be worn during play.
  • Earrings, all body piercing and all other jewellery MUST BE REMOVED.  Newly pierced ears may be taped.
Player Qualification
To qualify to play in the Finals, a player must have played four games with their registered team.
Fixtures and Re-grading
  • Clubs/teams are responsible for checking the fixture on the SDNA website to ensure that teams arrive to play at the scheduled time and court.
  • Re-grading may occur over the first few rounds and should be completed by Round 5.  Clubs/teams will be advised of any section changes and to check the SDNA website for fixtures.
Code of Conduct
  • SDNA encourages all Clubs/Teams to have players and parents sign a Code of Conduct Agreement.  Bad language, offensive behaviour and umpire abuse by players, team officials & spectators will not be tolerated.
  • Team officials and umpires should request an umpire’s supervisor attend the court DURING THE GAME if there is a problem. Do not wait until the game is over.  The Umpire’s Supervisor, after investigating the concerns, will decide what action, if any, shall be taken.
Canteen and BBQ Duty
  • All Clubs/Teams will be required to provide volunteers for canteen and BBQ duty as per the Duty Roster.
  • Children are not permitted in canteen or BBQ area; 15 YEARS AND OVER only.
Forfeits and Walkovers
  • We recognise that there may be occasions when it is impossible to field a team with sufficient players to take the court, however all attempts must be made to field a team.  A team of 5 may take the court.  In such cases a walkover is awarded to the other team – they are awarded 4 points and the score of 10 goals to 0 as per SDNA By-laws.
  • A team may take the court with 4 original team members and up to 3 players playing up from a lower age section or grade.  The details of the players playing up MUST be recorded on the rear of the scoresheet.
  • IF NOTICE IS GIVEN BY 9.00 pm ON THE PRECEDING TUESDAY a score of 10 goals to 0 will be declared and no fine imposed.
  • IF TIMELY NOTICE IS NOT GIVEN a score of 10 Goals to 0 will be declared AND a $45.00 fine imposed.
  • Teams fined for forfeit must pay fines prior to taking the court in the next match.  If not paid, the match will be forfeited and a further fine imposed.
  • Teams who choose to accommodate each other with a “mutually agreed forfeit” are advised that this practice is NOT sanctioned by SDNA and the teams concerned will be accorded 0 points.
  • Teams must notify: Wendy Wroblewski on 0411 146 048 or
Inclement Weather
  • Netball is an all-weather sport and games will proceed unless the conditions are deemed dangerous to players and umpires by the SDNA Executive.  Rain alone will not constitute game cancellation.
  • Unless SDNA have cancelled matches one hour prior to commencement (check website), teams MUST report for matches.
  • If play is cancelled by the Association, score sheets are to be filled in and team members present will be checked off by the Umpire assigned to them.  Points can only be awarded to teams where a minimum of five players are present and accounted for.
  • If both teams report a proper attendance, 2 points will be awarded to each of them.
  • Teams with less than five players present FORFEIT the game and WALKOVER provisions apply.


General Information
  • All matches will be 4 quarters with a break at half time.
  • Matches will be timed from a central control.  There is NO INJURY TIME.
  • No team may play with less than 5 players. One goal per minute penalty applies for a late start.  At the end of 1st quarter if there are less than 5 players in attendance the match is considered forfeited and forfeit rules apply.
  • Any team may collect the scoresheet from the Admin office prior to the game.  The first named team is to provide a scorer and is the recorder.  The second named team is to provide an observer. Both scorers must stand in the centre of court together and sign the scoresheet upon verification of the final score.
  • The score is recorded on the Official Scoresheet and must be checked by the Recorder before handing over to the Umpires.
  • If the final score is in dispute then the disputing scorer should not sign the scoresheet and bring the dispute to the attention of the Admin office immediately.
  • Scoresheets are to be filled in neatly and correctly, with all positions listed for all quarters.  Scoresheets not filled out correctly will incur one warning, then a fine of $20.00 will apply.
  • A player can only play in 2 matches in one day (one must be in their own registered team – unless a forfeit or BYE.)
  • Parking is available at courts in Thomas Street and behind Scout Hall (access off Thomas Street).  It is illegal to park on the reservations or footpath.
  • Dogs are not permitted at the courts on game days.