Netball Australia, Member Organisations and Affiliates seek to provide a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone involved in netball.  To achieve this, Netball Australia, Member Organisations and Affiliates require certain standards of behaviour of players/athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents/guardians (of child participants) and spectators, as detailed in the National Codes of Behaviour.

The National Codes of Behaviour are underpinned by the following core values:

• To act within the rules and spirit of netball.

• To display respect and courtesy towards everyone involved in netball and prevent discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.

• To prioritise the safety and well-being of children and young people involved in netball.

• To encourage and support opportunities for participation in all aspects of netball.

The National Codes of Behaviour apply to the aforementioned participants whether they are operating in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity in Netball Australia or with a Member Organisation or Affiliate (ie. such as Sandy Starlets).

As with all community sporting clubs, we do need to provide our members with the security of a structure of guidelines and policies which can be referred to at any time therefore we are pleased to refer to the National Codes of Behaviour .   As an affiliate of Netball Australia, Sandy Starlets adopts and supports the National Codes of Behaviour in addition to the following Club-specific policies which we request that you read and accept as part of Club membership: Grading Policy, and Social Media Policy.

You will find the details of each of these listed below.

Sandy Starlets is registered with the Sandringham Netball District Association and we also adhere to SDNA’s bylaws.