Grading Policy


At the end of each season every player is graded by both their team coach and members of the grading committee responsible for team selection. A further grading day is also held after registrations are completed. Grading is then used to assist in the formation of teams for the new season.

While the Club applies for an appropriate team grading when registering teams with Sandringham and District Netball Association (SDNA), it is ultimately SDNA that determines team grades. Teams are assessed and reviewed by SDNA in the first 5 weeks of the season. Some teams may be re-graded after this time.

Team Selection Criteria


1. Priority

The Club’s ability to take new players is limited by the maximum number of players permitted in each team and the availability of coaches. The Club cannot guarantee any child a place in a team. The Club accepts players in the following order of priority.

  1. Previous season Club members
  2. Sibling of previous season Club member
  3. Training 1 or 2 participants


2. Ability

It is Club policy to select teams according to ABILITY.

All players will physically grow and develop skills at different rates and some will be more committed to the sport than others. For these reasons it is important we give players the opportunity to play and train with those of similar ability and interest. Players may therefore change teams several times during their netball journey with the Club.


When first joining the club it is important players learn the rules, develop basic skills and meet players from other schools. Teams in this age group will therefore normally be of mixed ability and where possible, from different schools.

b) 17’S AND 19’S
There are not always enough players in 17’s and 19’s to select teams solely on ability. Some players are also only staying in the sport at this time to play with their friends. Selection criteria for these teams may therefore change from year to year. Where, however, 3 or more teams nominate to play in either age group, the FIRST team in each age group WILL be selected on ability.


3. Age Groups

Players generally play 2 years in the same age group (bottom age then top age). Where possible, players are kept together in age groups i.e. top age with top age and bottom age with bottom age. However, where numbers and/or ability require, it may be necessary for a multi age team.